David B. Sandquist DDS | Douglas D. Sandquist DDS

Tooth Pain: What are the Types and Causes

Tooth pain can occur in many forms, it can be isolated to one tooth, or many, it can be instigated by temperature(hot or cold) or when chewing. Let’s take a look at the most common instances of tooth pain.

There are two basic types of tooth pain: Sharp and Dull.

Sharp tooth pain is caused by many factors.

• A broken cusp of a tooth
• Decay at the gumline
• A space between a crown/filling at the gumline
• A filling or crown that is too high when chewing
• Grinding and our clenching
• Cold temperatures

Sharp tooth pain rarely lingers, it is short duration and often instigated by the factors listed above. Sharp tooth pain relief is usually accomplished by repairing fractured cusp with a crown or onlay, adjusting the crown/filling that is too high when biting, checking for and removing any decay or faulty crowns/fillings at the gumline. Sharp tooth pain should always be evaluated because Sharp tooth pain can lead to Dull pain, which is discussed below.

Dull tooth pain is often more serious, and usually means the nerve inside the tooth has been irreveribly damaged. Dull tooth pain is usually initiated with Hot temperatures, Hot coffee or soup. It will tend to ache for a significant period of time. It can wake you up in the middle of the night or just start to ache spontaneously. It can also be initiated by tapping on the tooth. Dull tooth pain originates from the nerve/pulp of the tooth. Dull tooth pain usually requires root canal therapy to relieve the problem.

Tooth pain is often an indicator of a potentially serious problem that should be addressed by a dentist, If you live in the Las Vegas area call 702 734 0776 for a check up!